As the years pass by, new trends are emerging out of the scientific research fields, and it is not just to make life more convenient but also fun-filled. Trust with competitions are also growing as the sport finds its ground. Many of the betting sites are now offering a plethora of video games on their platforms to open up new avenues to explore lucrative ideas. Technology has shaped the gaming industry into an advanced state with the top-end graphics that is not far from reality. Esports betting used to be controlled by third-parties for a long time owing to the fact that it wasn’t as popular as it is today. However, the scene has changed now with the video game betting having grown by 15% annually. If you are ready to wager but have no clue as to which game is best, here is a list that can help you decide.

1.      Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Fans of every game will keep up with the updates to make the right decisions over the betting period. Strategies might also change from time to time, depending on the current state of the game. Counter-Strike is a different league altogether since it has been around for more than two decades now and has been giving a healthy competition to all the other contenders in Esports. Just when the fans of other games thought CS is diminishing into its annihilation, Global Offensive was released.

Although GO didn’t receive the excepted traction in the beginning, the launch of ‘skins’ rejuvenated CS to its former glory. Being the king of the open-circuit format gambling, CS has around ten matches being held daily to bet on at various levels of difficulty. Betting options for Counter-Strike are much more than in the other games, and even the big events offer you enough choices such as winning by the round margin and getting killed by a grenade or not. You are unlikely to run out of options when betting on Counter-Strike.

 Global Offensive

2.      Overwatch

The league of Overwatch practices breaking of teams into conferences to play the matches like any traditional sport. The game has taken this bold approach to making a difference in the scene of Esports gambling, and it did succeed in bringing about that change. Four stages were the norm that was followed for the league, which later brought about amends with the traditional season-long league system where finals are eventuated into through the knockout stages. Go for Bet365 if you are planning to bet on Overwatch.

Video Game

3.      League of Legends

Esports has had League of Legends as the poster game for a long time, thereby the image of it conjuring up on everyone’s mind when thinking of the event. There are no time constraints to betting on the game as it continues all across the globe with several leagues. The betting markets available for this league is the most celebrated feature, and it has kept on increasing over time. Make sure to wager on League of Legends at Karamba.


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