Slot machines have made their way into our homes. Through phones and PC’s, we are able to play our favorite games while sipping a coffee. Not every time we can reach a land-based casino and with online casino platforms and interfaces, we can now enjoy interactive slot games in our rooms. This has made the online Casino industry more approachable and ended up uplifting its public outreach. In places where there is no Casino, it’s a boredom killer. Its multi-layer security puts the player at ease and he can concentrate more on playing.


Of all the slot machine games, Slotomania is a fruit slot. Like other slot machines, it’s quite simple with little difference. With wild symbols, bonus games and free spins, slotomania provides you with advanced experience of slot machine game on your PC. The game is intended for an adult audience and has over 100 themed slot machine games.

Simon slots:

The perfectly designed slot machine allows you to sharpen your memory by remembering different patterns and match the line when it stops spinning. The game is intended for the population who would like to try something new and when it comes to slot machines, a little change in design can make the game a whole lot beautiful.

Casino Island:

Slot machine technology has changed a lot in recent years. With theme-based slot machine games, the machines are made fun and entertaining to operate. Casino Island is one such of a slot machine where it’s based upon a resort. With good graphics and better sound quality, playing becomes highly preferable.

Dolphin Dice slots:

The slot machine is based around Dolphins where they act as a wild card. The machine comes with three features and a Jackpot. Your bonus rounds can help you become a winner or perhaps you can hit the jackpot and swim with the dolphins. The PC version costs $9.99 with minimum system requirements.


Hoyle slots:

Costing $5.99, Hoyle comes with built-in tutorials to help the new players get along with the gaming rules. Apart from that, 39 different slots just give you the perk of a lifetime. With certain requirements for video and sound cards, the game runs fine on any of the Operating systems.

Slot Quest:

The slot game is based on stories. It requires you to progress through the story winning bonuses, complete quests and earn achievements. With minimum system requirements, the game is one of the most enjoyable to play.

Battle slots:

If you’re into kingdoms, then battle slots are your game. As usual, your task is to collect symbols, and attacks to level up. Eventually, when the level is up, you are equipped with other tactics to survive the game. Your task is to keep on winning to keep on moving on the land. The slot game can be installed on any PC.

Venice slots:

The game has different pay lines and scatters symbols that keep you hitched to the game as soon as you start playing. You can hit a fortune in this card and board game. Costing $9.99 it requires a minimum of 256MB RAM.


Slot machine gaming has its own space in online casinos. Formerly introduced by land-based casinos, the slot machines have made an audience of their own. From high-end graphics to better sound quality, slot machines are the new casino favorites. all of the online casinos offer slot machines to its players. Compared to the land-based ones, slot machines may not be seen as attractive but with newer versions, you can bet that your experience will take a high-jump.


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