There has been quite a debate among gamers as to what amounts to better gaming? Buying better gears or mobile phones, there is a number of narratives from different gamers as far as console gaming and PC gaming are concerned. Listing all of that won’t be adequate but pointing out to the important facts can sum up the topic, at least for now. Console gaming has been the talk ever since the first modern consoles emerged in the market during the beginning of the 21st century.


If you are familiar with PC gaming, you know how hectic it can become when playing a new game. You will have to install new software, see the requirements and manage the settings for the game. This can be a tiresome process. However, gaming consoles don’t need such processes. As soon as you plug in the machine, you can start playing instantly. You are not asked to set the settings or install software or emulators, it’s as easy as that. You can click on the updates though.


PC’s are full of upgrades. There is so much software installed on the computer that it requires regular up-gradation but with the console device, you don’t have to give a thought to these. So no need for heavy upgrades to play your games when you can just switch to a console gaming evicde.


PC gaming is complicated. Every time you go to buy a game, you will first need to look for your system requirements. Many of the games require a particular configuration and when the computer doesn’t fall in the category, you can’t simply play on it. Many of the games are not even meant for PC’s but with Consoles, you can outrightly just buy the game. It just saves you from the hectic of going through the tallying of the information.


When it comes to prices, there is a huge difference. PCs can cost you $800 USD whereas a gaming console can range from $250 to $350. However, you can choose the better ones depending upon your budget. Furthermore, the hardware is quite cheaper. If you have to change the ram of a computer, it takes a lot of money but with the console, you need not worry about such specifications.



After you install software and hardware on a computer, you can play a few games on it but most of the high-tech games don’t even come for PCs. Efficiently crafted games like PataponKatamariOkami, are specially designed for Consoles. So in that way, you’re missing a lot from the gaming world.

Screen and support:

Playing is fun on bigger screens and with PC gaming, it doesn’t happen so good. Consoles can provide you the comfort of gaming on your LCD which has a surround sound giving you a realistic approach. There is also a lack of game support on PC since it’s an open platform, not specifically designed for gaming.


Consoles are designed for gaming and made in such a way that makes your experience more comfortable. You can lay back on your couch and play your game. You don’t need to fiddle or search for the right button to press. The controls are designed in a very friendly way.

Better than keyboards:

Computer tables are usually short and it comes to light when friends come to play. With a console, you don’t need to worry about that. USB enabled consoles allow you to attach gears, remotes, and keyboards to the console. You can rest on your sofa and start playing with your friends.

Console gaming is much more comfortable than PC gaming as far as its reliability and approach are concerned. If you buy a console, you need no spend any more on the hardware and other specification but you need a certain kind of PC with a particular specification to play a game. Many of the PC gamers miss out on a lot of games that are meant for console gaming. PCs may be used for gaming but Consoles are a better choice and they can be transported to a different place, in case you want.


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