A gaming event that has a heart-pounding impact every year for the thrill it brings with the seasons; Esports cannot be given a more deserving concise description. The gaming event has been on a roll for more than four decades now, but some people aren’t aware of it yet. Gamers across the globe look up to this event as their festival of joy, and it is, indeed, a colorful collaboration of gaming and gambling. It grew to become so prominent only in recent years. Also, since the industry is developing exponentially, most internet sportsbooks and bookies are offering video game gambling as an option.

The current generation gamers do not want luck to hamper with their game; they look for strategies and skills that can help them win. Unlike betting on casino games, Esports wagering offers a great chance to win since it allows players to gain a long-term edge. Earning enough out of each round to beat the odds can get you to the desired stage of it. But before you bet on any video game, you need to make sure that you are doing it on a safe platform. Look for the features that you need to consider while selecting a site and check them with the site you have come across. Here are a few such sites that have been listed as the best ones for betting on a particular game.


1.      Counter-Strike

Picking a site for betting on CS: GO has to be done by looking through the tournament coverage. If you are only keen on betting on the game during the biggest tournaments, you might not need to look for this factor. Special bets are a category that needs to be considered while choosing a site, and as CS: GO gameplay offers a variety of them, the sites should be checked for the availability of these options. 888Sport and Betway Esports are the best sites to bet on tournaments or a single game of Counter-Strike.


2.      League of Legends

League of Legends have a wide array of special bets, and it comes as no surprise because it is a MOBA game. Almost all LOL bookies are crazy about the LCS matches in all leagues. You can go on to bet on various other options besides the match-winner betting. If you aren’t obsessed with betting on a particular game but is crazy about special bets, Dota 2 and LOL are the best options you have. 10cric Sports, 22Bet Esports, and Betway Esports are the best sites to bet on LOL.

3.      Overwatch

Fantasy betting is what the Overwatch fans enjoy the most, unlike the other bettors who focus on the major Esports franchises. Although fantasy betting has been around in the gambling scene for a couple of years now, it is only recently that it found a ground in Esports betting. This credit for this position is attributed to Overwatch. Make sure to look through the betting odds, special bets, navigation, and bonus programs on the site. Team rosters have to be checked on 22Bet Esports and 10cric Sports for updates to see how the betting over Overwatch is progressing.


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