Let us discuss PC first.

Consoles are very standardised when it comes to hardware, and unlike consoles, PCs are comprised of a huge variety of very different components which are from many different brands. What I’m trying to say is that you can assemble a PC and all its components can be from very different brands. Completely depending on what kind of performance you need, you need to choose the components. For example, you could possibly choose a 1080p monitor or even a 4K monitor, completely depending on your preferences and choices. Building a PC can be really costly.

  1. Well, you could settle for an entry-level PC. These are very cheap, and they are basic. They will get the job done, depending on what kind of games you want to play. Graphic intense and heavy games are not going to be doing a very good job on this kind of PC.
  2. We need to consider the budget as well. Well, PCs are very versatile when it comes to budget. You can choose the brand, and you can choose how much you want to spend. That would be the case when it comes to consoles. Consoles always have a set price. Some PCs would require updates here and there. These upgrades are not going to be cheap if you want a really powerful graphics cards.
  3. Keep in mind that if you are a real enthusiast, you need to build a PC that is completely according to your liking and your wants and needs. You should not skimp out on building a gaming PC. I have heard a lot of cases where the PC was lit on fire, for putting in the wrong components, because the person was trying to save a little money.
  4. Keep in mind that most gaming PCs that work properly are going to be high-end. You will be able to boast and flex on your friends. High-end gaming PCs will definitely get the job done, no matter which game you want to play.
  5. Upgradeability is definitely a big deal when it comes to owning a gaming PC. However, it can get really cumbersome and hard sometimes. It can be hard to find the right components.

Now let us discuss console.

As far as consoles go, you have the best in the market. I am talking about Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony. These companies have been dominating the market for a really long time. They provide some of the best consoles in the entire world. You can purchase a PlayStation four at $400. You can purchase a Nintendo switch at $200. Now, you can even purchase the PlayStation five at $500. Gaming on the console is very straightforward. Upgradeability is an option, but most people don’t do so, because the console gets the job done. All you have to do is purchase the gaming CD or purchase the game on the electronic store. Consoles are definitely more affordable, and they are very easy to set up indeed. They are also quite future-proof. But you should consider that performance might not be as great as a high-end gaming PC.