Gaming in whole has changed a lot and if you talk about graphics, the realistic approach of almost all of the games is of next-level. However, there is a lot of difference between gaming on the phone or your computer, specially designed games that work on different platforms though provide the player with certain perks but differ from both of the mediums. There are pros and cons of gaming in both of the devices and it depends upon the player as what’s their requirement. Compared to Phones, gaming on a PC seems much more preferable.


If prices are considered, gaming on mobile is much cheaper than the PC. Various games are made in a way that they are compatible with most of the cell phone. This way these games cater to the gaming requirements of millions of mobile players. As far as PCs are concerned, they require various hardware and software advancements to install or play the game. In this way, gaming becomes much cheaper on the phone and as long as you install it, you can start playing the game wherever you are.


The gaming experience has changed a lot in recent years. With advanced controllers attached to your PC’s, you can properly control your game. Many of the android phones can be equipped with keyboards and mouse to play games. As far as experience is concerned, Mobile phone entertains to a certain extent but PC’s have an upper hand in the experience and convenience in terms of gaming.


Many of the games come with VR enabled technology. However, you have to prepare a lot before you need to adjust your settings of the PC to avail the VR technology. No matter what you’ll have to equip a VR graphics card for the smooth 4k processing of the game. In phones, VR is cost-effective and convenient. Many of the phones come with VR enabled technology and are cheaper than PC counterparts. However, experience on a mobile phone may differ from that of the PC but when it comes to overall statistics, both of the mediums have their pros and cons.


Modern games come with high-end graphics. New and new games are programmed in such a way that it provides the payer maximum entertainment. As far as mobile games are concerned, the graphics are better than older times but still can’t match the graphics of PC games. The computer games have a higher edge in a matter of graphics where it comes with graphics cards to enhance the gaming experience.

Sound and 3D:

If you have played the older games, you will know how much has the technology in games improved. With a high-end sound system and developed 3D mapping, PC games provide a realistic experience, but as far as Phone gaming is concerned, it, however, has improved in its design, but it lags behind the realistic approach. Having said that it doesn’t mean that you should not try at all, but if you can use your computer, you can try the mobile version later.

Convenient and fast:

Mobile gaming has taken off in recent years but where you miss is when your phone starts lagging or becomes sweaty. It’s good for an hour or two, but when it comes to long durations, the phones may not work for gaming. Sweating and overheating are such problems, but with gaming PC’s that are designed to assess such problems, the problems don’t arise. You have comfortable controls and convenient switches and instead of sweating on your phone screen, your hands are much dry on a high-tech controller.


Gaming on PC and Mobile has its pros and cons. It’s dependent on various variables like availability, price, and graphics. In other words, you need to first find out what you want? Gaming is cheaper on phone but more fun on PC and with high-end graphics PC games provide you an enhanced experience. This varies from person to person completely depending on their personal opinions and choices but if you were to consider the perks, gaming on PC is much more advanced and a complete package of fun as compared to cell phones.


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