Gaming has been around for a really long time, and it is something that has provided us with a lot of fun and entertainment as well. Since the advancements in technology have been rampant, gaming is something that has benefited a lot from this. Even though entertainment if something that is at the forefront of its goals, gaming does so much more for us. There has been a lot of debate as to how it impacts us. It tends to impact us negatively and positively as well; there have been a lot of studies regarding the issue, and some issues are relatively new. It is probably new because people are coming forward with them now. There was a lot of stigma regarding gaming addiction, and the stigma is slowly vanishing. It is vanishing because more and more people are suffering from it, because games nowadays are far superior than what they were a couple of decades ago. What I am trying to say is that if you look at games that are made for consoles like the PS5, you will be mind blown. If you are a gamer, mind orgasm is confirmed.

Here are some positive effects of video games. There have been a lot of studies that have been conducted about this. Let us dive into the positive effects.

  1. Video games have proven to improve basic visual processes. It has shown that it increases the ability of the player to distinguish very small differences in a lot of shades of colours. For example, if you are playing detective games, you will have to find things that are hidden here and there. To do that, you will have to have excellent vision. It will definitely improve your eyesight and finding skills.
  2. Video games have also proven to improve everyday skills. It gives you amazing hand-eye coordination, and it lanterns your attention span. It even gives you rapid decision-making abilities. These are things that you can use in your everyday lives.
  3. It will also enhance your executive functioning on a daily basis. It will help you multitask efficiently. It will also give you a lot of mental flexibility.
  4. Video games have also been known to his depression and anxiety. People who have anxiety have said that they find it easier to deal with anxiety when they are playing video games. Some people have said that they distract themselves with the help of video games.

For every good thing, there has to be a couple of disadvantages. Here are some of them.

  1. Video games can actually make people a little violent, depending on what kind of video games they are playing.
  2. They have been known to cause addiction in a lot of people. Many people have come out and said that they were addicted to the game and also that the game was affecting their social, family, academic lives.
  3. A lot of people use video games to escape into a world that does not exist.


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