In this article, I am going to be talking all about video game addiction. It is something that is a very well-known disorder, caused by video games and internet games. Because of its nature, there has been a lot of stigma surrounding it, but I feel that there should be absolutely no stigma around it, because it is a true mental health disorder. It is very problematic, indeed. It is a compulsive need to play video games at all times. It is something that would impact a person’s ability to function on a daily basis.

Imagine being addicted to a game or several games and imagine not being able to carry on your everyday life, according to how you wanted, because the game keeps popping in your mind. That is exactly what happens. Some people say that addiction is worse than any other thing they have ever faced in their life.

Let me talk about a couple of symptoms.

A lot of symptoms include problem gaming, gaming because depression isn’t leaving you alone, social withdrawal, sitting in front of the screen and playing games for significant periods of time and more. The symptoms are not to be ignored. Ignoring the symptoms will definitely end up causing a lot of harm. There are a lot of complications that came along with a video game addiction.

There have been a lot of studies conducted in this field, and the studies have concluded that it causes a lot of mood disorders, sleep disturbances, obesity, withdrawal from relationships and more.

The world health organisation has included gaming disorder in its International Classification of Diseases which is also known as the ICD. The American Psychiatric Association, APA has stated that there is a lot of evidence for the inclusion of internet gaming disorder in the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental health disorders of 2013.

There has been a lot of controversy around the diagnosis, and it has been known to include a lot of complications. Well, if you are somebody who is inflicted with gaming disorder, you definitely should seek help immediately. The first person you need to contact is a person who you trust the most and a person who will help you no matter what. It can be a spouse, family member, friend, anybody who you are comfortable with. With their help, I highly suggest seeking professional help, if you are not able to get over it yourself.

Before you conclude that you have a gaming disorder, you will have to diagnose yourself. You need to ask yourself how much time you spend in front of a screen, playing games. Well, if you are in the gaming industry, making money off of playing games, hats off to you. But, if you are just wasting time in front of the screen, you need to consider how you can be more productive. Diagnose yourself and then seek help. See if you can be okay if you don’t play the games for a week or so; if not, you need a professional diagnosis.


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