Loot boxes, also known as Prize crate, is a consumable virtual item which one can receive by a randomised selection of virtual objects. These loot boxes can range anywhere from simple customisation options to the player’s avatar. This is a piece of game-changing equipment which generally carries weapons and armour. A loot box is typically made for monetary relief which players can make use by directly receiving boxes during the plays which can be brought by keys. These systems are originated with the growth in multiplayer games where the online role-playing came into existence.

In the 2010s the loot boxes were popularised which will allow one to have some of the most expanded approaches which can allow one to be highly criticised. There are also pay to win features which will enable one to have some of the best experience also this can lead to one having adverse effects on the gameplay especially when one is trying to implement full-priced games.


Loot Boxes are generally given to players during the play which can allow one to have a level-up experience. There are characters which can allow one to complement the multiplayer game without quitting. Loot boxes can be given to one through promotions which with the watching certain streaming events. Loot boxes can be redeemed through an in-game interface which can be dressed with the help of visuals and audio effects.

There are other loot boxes as well, which include seasonal and special events which one can keep track of when it comes to finding the right game at a certain time. These are digital collectables which will allow you to expand while keeping track of a viable metagame.


Loot boxes are an extension of randomised loot drop system which can easily be randomised, allowing one to win rewards. Loot boxes generally take this approach which can allow one to formulate the approach with free to play games. The first instance of a loot box which can be believed is the Gachapon Ticket which was introduced in Maple story. Later in the year 2007, Chinese free to play a game like ZT online has considered these changes, which will allow one to have the right funds for a full cost title. With the success of these loot boxes more and more games are bringing in the concept of loot boxes into their game which has allowed one to understand the certain way which will allow one to enjoy their gaming experience better.


Player investment and gambling concern

For the most part, the loot boxes are a compulsion loop which is designed to keep the player invested in the game. There are many compulsion loops which are known to help contribute to the video game addiction as the game is more like slots which if wins allows for surefire success.


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