As the week of Christmas approaches, the streets get adorned with lights and snow to fill the people with joy. Everyone waits for the week to arrive to dive into the ultimate fun of the year. While some people prefer to take a bite of cakes and meat, many others go for the Christmas special movies and TV shows. But not many holiday-themed games come into the market every year to engage the kids and adults alike. Here is a list of holiday-themed games that you can try out as you munch on the cakes.

Few of these games are recent entries, while some others are the old favorites.

Super Mario Odyssey’s Snow Kingdom

Mario has been surrounded by different worlds, one that of sunny beaches and another one of spectacular snowy pathways. There are hot deserts in here too, but what better than the Snow Kingdom to explore during Christmas. The Santa hats and sleigh bells in the background make for the perfect virtual Christmas adventure.

Overwatch: Winter Wonderland

The festive character skins and the landscapes of snow are sure to entrance you in the world of Overwatch. What kicked off on December 11 ended on January 2, and the Winter Wonderland is about to take over the entire universe of Overwatch with the Yeti Hunter and Mei’s Offensive Snowball.

Destiny 2: The Dawning

This multiplayer shooter game celebrates Christmas with the blasts and shots in “The Dawning.” The Tower gets all snowy in the new installment with the sleighs and Christmas setups. The event runs up to January 1 with the ingredients for a perfect crunchy cookie in Eva’s oven to sweeten the Christmas mission.

Dead Rising 4

How about some zombies in Santa hats and candy sticks to smash their heads? There is no better way to celebrate this season with the go-kart running over these man-eaters and weapons shooting right into their chest. Malls and stores in the streets are full of zombies, that need to killed right away for your ultimate Christmas treat. Dead Rising previously belonged to Xbox exclusively but has now been launched in PS4 as well.

Hitman 2- Holiday Hoarders

Assasins all around the world has been hitting the hotels to slit throats and shoot right on the head of the villains. Harry and Marv roam the cities of Paris only to be prey to the assassin’s Christmas robe clutch. Hitman is now on your PS4, Xbox, and PC.

The Escapists: Santa’s Sweatshop and Santa’s Shakedown

What looks like the lego version of Escape Plan, is not as cute and silly as it may seem. The Escapists is all about escaping prison and surviving the run through the snowy outsides of the prison enclosure. You get to play as an elf in Santa’s Sweatshop, which is a free add-on to the Escapists. This add-on has more of the Christmas flair to it than the prison escape.


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