Are you an avid gamer and have games from the previous years yet to be completed? It is high time that you start with the missions and dash to the last task so that you get to explore the games that are about to hit the markets in the coming months. 2020 has marked the start of a new decade with a long line of advanced gaming options coming to the forefront. Major studios are planning a massive relaunch with games that you have been waiting for years. Check the list below for the games that are about to take the industry on a roll this year. Get ready to be blown away by the experience like never before with this list of the video games to watch out for in 2020.

1.     Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Xbox One is about to launch one of the most awaited games of the decade this March. Quality is what every gamer is expecting out of this game, which they believe to be the reason for the delay of its launch. Much like the previous game, you get to unlock the hidden zones as you pass each level by exploring the area and earning points through the various abilities that you achieve. Ori and the Will of the Wisps promises to be a game of well-detailed breathtaking art and hues of the universe backed by a splendid score.

2.     Resident Evil 3

This action-horror game will be back with its jump scares and smashes this April with Nemesis returning to send chills through your spine. Resident Evil 3 is making its way through the hustle of games by capitalizing on the huge success that Resident Evil 2 witnessed last year. Resident Evil: Resistance is a subsidiary version that is included in the 3rd installment for the multiplayer gaming experience where you can unleash your team of villains on other players.

3.     The Last of Us: Part II

Everyone is expecting nothing short of perfection from the second part of “The Last of Us,” consequently putting the developer ‘Naughty Dog’ under immense pressure to create the best format of the game. The first snippets and trailers suggest that high standards have been set in the game to take you on the ride with Ellie. Joel will also be returning this time to team up with Ellie to fight the infected humans that are about to push the post-apocalyptic world into total obliteration. A darker side of the game is about to unravel this May on PS4 with a tighter storyline, only to leave the fans in despair over the loss of their favorite characters.

4.     Marvel’s Avengers

Apart from the PS4 VR Iron Man game that launches earlier this year, Marvel has another entry into games with Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics at the designing end. All your favorite heroes will be back on screen to take on the villains with a new mission at hand. Avengers would be back with their shield, hammer, arrows, and Hulk to fight the baddies.


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