The gaming industry has improved a lot in recent decades. If we were to consider the yesteryears Nintendo’s, they would be regarded as obsolete compared with today’s’ high-tech consoles like 360s or slot machines. Furthermore, the graphics and faster processing have made the industry more approachable among the gaming crowd. The gaming device is any device that’s used in playing games or to affect the amount of wager in winning or losing a game. In other words, better gaming devices increase your chances and provide you an overwhelming and entertaining experience during your gameplay.

Razer Nostromo:

This gaming console is one of its kind. Built-in 16 programmable soft-rubber keys and 8-way directional keypad that will make your gaming experience convenient, Razer connects to your PC with 2.0 port. You can customize any key according to the gaming requirements which is easy to use and convenient to operate. Amounting at $74.95, there is also an advanced version that costs $129.99. The console is also available on various online shopping giants like Amazon.

Logitech G930 Gaming Headset:

Unwarranted and unwanted white noises take the all fun out of our games. Multi-player’s games require clear communication and proper coordination among the teammates but with a headset that doesn’t cater to the demands, the gaming experience can be irritating. Logitech’s surround sound quality and Noise-cancelling technology can deliver your messages to the other players and concentrate on the distant sounds in the game by cutting the white-noises with much more clarity. With 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity and 10 hrs of battery backup, Logitech ranges from $69.99 with system requirement of as low as Windows Vista.

Razer Naga:

Razer Naga is a mouse meant for gaming. The scroll of the mouse can be manipulated into 24 different positions giving it an edge of heavy-duty gaming. Apart from that, 17 MMO programmable buttons equip Naga with an upper hand in the gaming conduct. With 1ms response time, Razer is a dream come true for any gamer.



Saitek X52 Flight Control System:

Saitek is a console built for flight simulation games. An LCD display with a 5-position handle system entails its players to have the best experience possible. With smart technology software, you can program your button accordingly. Pricing at $169.99, Saitek comes with illuminated buttons and a user-friendly approach, making it one of the best choices in the gaming world.

Logitech G300 Gaming Mouse:

Logitech has an image of its own when it comes to computer mouse’s. Its gaming mouse has 9 Programmable buttons to assess you during the gaming activity and can store up to three profiles. If you’re worried about the lighting preferences of the profiles, it’s got it all covered up. Easy to use software that allows you to change the settings of the mouse according to your gaming convenience is what comes under the user-friendly Logitech.

Optoma PT105 Gaming LED Projector:

Gaming is fun but when the screen is extended, it transforms the experience into a whole new level. The Optoma projects a clearer image and a brighter vision of your games on the screen. With a 60-inch display, it supports audio/visual inputs, HDMI and VGA. Costing $130, Optoma can be used to project on a wall from a distance of 10 meters. If you’re looking for a big screen, Optoma gives you a feel never felt before and that too in your own room.

Essential Reality P5 Gaming Glove:

Technology has moved a lot in recent years and Essential Reality Glove is one such example. With its 3D controller, you can control the game with your hand movements. Strap it on, set the settings and you are good to go. Compatible with almost every application, the glove is extremely lightweight that allows you to control your gaming activities at the move of your hand.


Over the last decades, gaming consoles have changed a lot, and these changes have just brought more fun and enthusiasm to the field. From Virtual screens to Gloves, technology has assisted the industry in such a way that it’s become more user-friendly and a lot more entertaining. Yesteryears graphics and sound systems can’t even be compared with today’s technology and it’s one of the reasons that this industry has emerged to be one of the most entertaining industries of our time.


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